Why Tradelines? How Do They Effect My Credit Score?

Using tradelines allows for you to benefit from those who have credit accounts with a established history, no late payments, and has a balance of 10% or less.  You become an authorized user on these seasoned accounts up to $20,000.  Our tradelines offer you the most important factors in creating a great credit score.  Adding tradelines will give you these benefits in just days!  All you have to do is watch your score RIZE!  Here is the breakdown of factors that determine a good credit score:

Credit Rizer

After seeing many Americans struggle every day to get that sought out credit card, having high interest rates on their car loan, or not qualifying for their dream home, we found a quick and easy solution!


We offer removal of negative items from your credit report to give you a fresh start with our credit repair services.  We want you to say goodbye to all your collections, charge offs, judgments, excessive inquiries, etc. 


At Credit Rizer, we also allow our clients to become authorized users on good standing revolving accounts with a seasoned history to help add available credit to your credit profile.  The accounts (tradelines) will be reported to the credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, to help you be on your way to see your credit Rize!

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