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Credit Repair & Adding Tradelines.  Let Us Do the Math.
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Using tradelines allows for you to benefit from those who have credit accounts with a established history, no late payments, and has a balance of 10% or less. You become an authorized user on these seasoned accou...


We offer credit repair services to remove negative items that are lowering your credit score.  We also offer tradelines to help you boost your credit score quickly and easily.  No risks!  No denials! No worries! These services provide the ultimate credit score Rize!


Refer a friend and earn savings for both you and your friend!


We are offering great rates for credit repair. We get results fast!


Many who seek our services might be looking to buy a home, qualify for a car loan or personal loan, or maybe just wants to be able to get approved for a credit card.  Whatever the reason, the negative items on your credit report can prevent you from reaching these goals.  


Did you know that having 1 recent collection or charge off on your credit report could lower your credit score 75 to 100 points?  Did you know that having too many inquiries is a red flag for lenders because it appears you are desparate for credit?  Credit Rizer helps you remove negative items so you can have more financial freedom.



Credit Repair And Tradelines